Robert Nogalski



Testimony of Pastor Robert Nogalski

I was born in 1950, and given the name Robert David Fielding. My father Albert Fielding was never a part of my life, nor had he ever married my mother. I was placed in several foster homes, and went to several schools because my mother could not provide for me, and had to work to take care of herself. She would pick me up on Saturday, and keep me only until Sunday night. There were many abuses that took place in the foster homes, and later they would affect me as an adult. My mind went into survival mode, and I tried to protect myself. As a result of buried hurt, I turned into a child from hell; a spoiled brat. I demanded and got anything I wanted; sometimes to the extent of stealing, if I wanted something bad enough.

My mother came from a Lithuanian and Hungarian heritage. I was raised as a Roman Catholic, and was baptized as a baby; made my Holy Communion; and was given the confirmation name Joseph. I attended Saint Francis, Saint Stevens, and Saint Christopher in Detroit. My mother met a man named Mr. Howe, and married him. Their marriage lasted only two years because of my unruly behavior. By the time I was eleven, I was already using drugs and alcohol, and smoking cigarettes. I always hung around kids much older than myself, and wound up in juvenile homes thirteen different times. Eventually I was sent to a Catholic boy’s home in Terre Haute, Indiana for one year.

When I was fourteen, I went back to my mom’s, and was adopted by her second legal husband, Bernard Nogalski. He was a wonderful father to my three half brothers and two half sisters. I’m sure he would have been good to me, except I did not want to have anything to do with him. I was now a Nogalski, and had the Polish jokes and such added to my life.
A life changing experience took place, while I was still fourteen. A friend of mine, and his brother came over and took me to a Baptist church (Calvary Baptist of Dearborn Heights under the leadership of Pastor Earl Jones). For the first time in my life I heard the gospel loud and clear, and knew Christ died for me. I received him as my Savior, and felt my burden of sin roll away! I went back home, but everyone there did not share in my enthusiasm.

My family and I lived in the projects. Our housing was called the Herman Gardens. That particular housing has been torn down. After being saved, I still hung around the same guys, and started doing wicked things again. Things were different though; I always got caught, and in order to do wrong I had to get high on drugs. A few bikers took an interest in me, and wanted me to join their gang. I did and eventually became “Bad Bob,” and my slogan was “Got to stay hi!” I was the vice president of this so called social club, (ha, ha!) and shortly after, ended up in a jail up north, Michigan for a bar fight. It was in that jail that I started my pants on fire. It was there that I cried out to God and repented, and He heard me! It was there that I read my King James Bible all the way through. It was there that God delivered me from smoking. It was there that I learned of God’s mercy for He allowed me to live in spite of the disgrace I caused his name day in and day out.

The Lord worked a miracle in my life, and I was free from jail in 90 days. My wife and I were invited to Temple Baptist Church by a neighbor, Daniel Stewart. We visited, were later scripturally baptized, and finally joined July 4, 1976. The two of us have been serving the Lord ever since. We now have ten children, and I have pastored three churches. I have attained a B. R. E. and a Master of Theology Degree by the grace of God. I am presently striving to get my Doctorate. God has taken my wife’s and my doped up mind, dysfunctional beginnings, and unhealthy lifestyles, and graced us with His healing hand, and gave us power to become His children. All that we have, everything that is good and right is truly because of Him! We have the blessed assurance of a home in heaven, and peace of knowing we are his children without a doubt, q John 5:13)

I thank Jack Chick for his consistent prayer life, and his ministry of art in tract form. His creation of the tract, “Bad Bob” from God’s inspiration has been a help to me through my own ministry. The tract’s story is such a close comparison to my life story that it has encouraged me, and provoked me to stay the course of Christianity.

I pray that this brief testimony will be an encouragement to all those that hear it. Please!!! If you are struggling with drugs, sexual abuse, a broken home, live in a bad neighborhood, are incarcerated, or are just a spoiled brat know this:

God will change a vile sinner

God will give hope, and He will be in you and will never leave you!

God will take you home to live with Him forever, after this life!

God knows all about everyone’s past, present, and future, and still sent His Son to die for us. Please turn from all your wicked ways, your sin, and look to Jesus Christ only to save you. Repent and receive His gift of eternal life, and you will be changed!

Please let us know if we can help!

Pastor Robert Nogalski

“AKA” Bad Bob