The Devil hates all who are God’s
and any that are not his children that are
trying to do right by self religiously. The self life is a life of pride with no humility or accountability to anyone. God has a program that works and his Spirit bears witness with his children of their need for him to help them perform it. It’s about Gods advice not the lost not the program of this world. We work within this world to show the world God is real. We forget to really look at the mess the devil has caused in the life of others and put our wives, and children and their future on the altar of the devil and sacrifice them because we want to do what every lost person is doing. We must go back to a time of crying out to God for salvation and he answered and not use any circumstances or events no matter how great and trust that.
That event could of scared you into reforming but never brought you to an admission of guilt and I need salvation. We cannot live our Christian life without Gods Spirit, God s Spirit gives us our backbone to stand against the Wiles of the Devil and all his lost children. Our Family and Church family are our life, the lost have theirs. Mental stability comes from knowing God. It’s not the faults of others that we need to focus on its ours and how much desire we have for our Father!
Life is but a vapor our kids grow up and will do their thing ,either with our God or not,that’s their journey; but we as parents must stand firm by the grace of God and see the salvation of The Lord . So put away and get away from all things that are bringing you down, grab ahold of God and don’t let go! This America needs us, not the enemies.RBN2013

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