What is weakness to you? For a man it’s a shame, a Girly thing, something your father
tries to remove from his sons. It’s connected
with pride in both sexes. We know that pride is a no, no for a child of God. The Devil is the father of pride. What a misconception we have about this weakness! What a misinterpretation of meekness we have.
Meekness is controlled strength and weakness is acknowledging the need of God in everything we do. We are to be prepared for this life and prepare our children. That includes the Body, mind, and spirit. But in executing any action we give God the glory. Without him we have no strength, breath, or spirit. When we lose our health, or capability to do things as before we are not moved, because it is all about Him and his strength and his will that matters. We have learned to “Let go, and Let God” When we die to self, The Lord can do his job! www.victory-baptist.net

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