A Law to Remember

I remember a long time ago being taught by The Law, that I was a hell bound sinner and then showed Calvary and after repenting and receiving Him that marvelous Grace saved my soul!

Well you would never believe this, but I found out about another “absolute ”
Yep another law! It’s that one when you just think you’re doing good in the Lord and ya act like hell! Yep something was waiting for ya to loosen up on one of your walls of protection (separation from those things your weak in).

You ran into it not knowing it was there all the time!
Let this mind be in you (Jesus Christ’s), or you do have another?
Put off the old! Or you will wear it!
Add to your faith …. Or you will compliment your lack of it.
A lot of folks claim salvation, but don’t grow. A lot of them are not subject to authority or know anything biblical.

I have my doubts, but it’s not up to me to say either or, but they’ll not be in any
responsible position in our local assembly, I digress, sorry!
Anyhow, smell the coffee! There are no breaks in between, you either are serving him or yep you’re not!

Let all of Romans chapter seven saturate you! And especially this verse,
“I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil is present with me” vs.21

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