Having a Balance

Most folks that claim to be Christian are a little off, haha me too! We either go extreme in one direction or another. We attack legalism to the point of no longer able to preach on sin to using grace to commit any. Then there is politics, what ever you do don’t get caught up in that! Don’t be entangled.

If we have a crucial critical problem that will effect our liberty to serve our Lord Jesus Christ we need to get off balance and do the extra to get back on track.

If we have a weakness to a specific sin we need to stop liberties that encourage it! If we have a notable personality which gives no mercy we need to recognize it and compensate accordingly. If we want to continue to live in a constitutional republic we better get extreme to promote it before 11/12 Just incase the Rapture doesn’t happen! Yes Balance, yes extreme to get back on course.

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